About Us

We’re an adventurous couple who have been fortunate enough to live in some of the most wonderful cities in the world including Sydney, Toronto, Miami and Los Angeles. We’ve also chartered sail boats in some of the best cruising grounds such as Australia, South Africa, the British Virgin Islands, the Tobago Cays and St. Maarten. Plus, we spent a year sailing from Toronto to the Bahamas via the U.S. East Coast’s Intercostal Waterway.

Now, to top it all off, we’ve decided to take the big leap and go sailing indefinitely (or until we spend our budget and end up becoming greeters at your local Wal-Mart). The plan is to sail in the Baja-Ha-Ha sailing rally with over 100 boats from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico then stay there as long as it takes for us to become fluent in Spanish, which in my (Richard) case could take years!!! After “yo hablo muy bien”, we’ll head to Central America then through the Panama Canal into the Caribbean where one day we’ll sail into the harbor in St.Kitts — my family’s home.

Of course, we’ll be taking this one day at a time so come back and check on us as we may decide to cross the Pacific and surprise some of our old friends in Australia. We’ll try to make this as fun, interesting and visual as possible but we’d love to hear from you so please send us your comments and feedback. Enjoy.


12 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I’m jealous..but then again, I can’t sail and know about as much Spanish as you do. How about if we meet in St. Kitts.

  2. Congratulations on this amazing next chapter!! I enjoyed working with you at GM and I look forward to following along on your adventures here!!

  3. You are Da Man Richard !! All the best in your journeys and if you need a live-in Spanish translator/teacher …I am available (if I can convince my wife..) hahaha.

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