Chillin In San Carlos

As you know we wimped out, bought an air conditioner and have been Chillin in San Carlos where it has been a steady 95-100 degrees every day. And, due to the hassle involved in removing the AC and getting off our comfortable, safe dock that has unlimited water and electricity, we’ve only taken the boat off the dock once.
R&A Algadones

So, what have we been doing? We’d love to say we’ve been practicing our Spanish, learning to play the guitar (yes, we have one onboard), completing boat projects, and getting lots of exercise but if we did you know we’d be lying – although we have been taking vigorous 1-hour walks almost every morning.
San Carlos Walk1

San Carlos Walk2

San Carlos Walk3

To be honest, thanks to our friends on Delphinia, who let us copy their movies and TV shows, we’ve spent a lot of the time watching shows we didn’t have time to watch when we were in the working world. Who knew you could get so caught up in Dexter, The Good Wife, Game of Thrones and Grey’s Anatomy? Apparently it’s easy when you can watch an entire season in a few days with no commercials…

Besides our daily walks and hibernating in front of the TV, we’ve become very familiar with the San Carlos/Guaymas area including its restaurants, local markets and grocery stores as well as the Beach Club with a pool that is included in our marina fees. Heck, Audrey’s even been to the dermatologist. Nothing serious, just a beauty mark – as they used to call them in the old days!
Beach Club2

Beach Club1


Guaymas Doc

As I said, we did take the boat off the dock once for a “mini-vacation” from our sabbatical. First, we sailed to beautiful Bahia Algadones, which is where we anchored for a few days before we came to the marina. We didn’t get a chance to hit the Soggy Peso bar again but we were very happy to be back in the water swimming, snorkeling and scraping the barnacles off the bottom of the boat.
Soggy Peso

Algadones Audrey

Bahia Algadones 1

Then we headed north to Bahia San Pedro, which is a remote anchorage with no bars, palapas or restaurants that reminded us of being back on the Baja side. It even had sea caves and palm trees that seemed to grow out of the rocks, which is unusual as there aren’t as many palm trees around here as you might think.
Bahia San Pedro3

Bahia San Pedro1

Bahia San Pedro2

Unfortunately, we only got to spend one night in Bahia San Pedro as the forecast called for afternoon thunderstorms, which we know can be more than just a little rain, so we decided to head back to the marina. Fortunately, we got back just in time because the minute we finished tying up, the winds piped up to over 45 knots, visibility went to near zero and the skies opened up giving us more rain than we’d seen in a long, long time. Needless to say, it’s the middle of the hurricane and tropical storm season so we’re now staying put for a while.

We also celebrated my 25th (I’m dyslexic) birthday by taking a road trip to Phoenix, which is only seven and half hour’s drive from here. We’re on a budget so we rented the smallest, cheapest car we could get, piled in with our friends from Cake (who were sharing the ride), then proceeded to blow most of the “budget” I just mentioned hitting all the stores in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, including two West Marine stores, and picking up the stuff we’d ordered online to be delivered directly to the hotel.
Phoenix Road Trip

So there you have it. Hours of television, daily walks, regular happy hours (of course) and regular trips to local markets or restaurants. Add a sailing “vacation” and a road trip to Phoenix along with a visit from our friends Diane and Julio from Mexico City, who we’re expecting next weekend and this is us “Chillin in San Carlos”. I’m sure it’s not as exciting as you imagined but, funny enough, it’s been kind of a nice break for us.


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