Home Sweet Home?

We suspect that some of you are wondering where and how we spend our time (indoors) when we’re not sailing or partying. Well, when it’s not rocking and rolling on the sea or at anchor, it’s not different from being in a very small condo — that’s always on the water. Here’s a few pics that will give you an idea of what Celebration is like down below and in the cockpit (which is like our patio when we’re not underway).

Salon/Living/Dining Room:

Main Salon

Salon 2

Salon 1



Office/Chart Table:

Office/Chart Table

Master Cabin/Suite:

Master Suite

Master 2

Master 1

Guest Cabin/Bedroom:

Guest 1

Two (2) Heads/Bathrooms:

Guest Head

Head 1


Shower 1

The Cockpit/Patio:

Cockpit 2

Cockpit 1

There’s a few other practical spaces like our storage lockers/lazarettes and the engine space as well as inside cupboards but they’re not that exciting. However, if you really want to see where we pack all of our clothing, groceries, tools, spare parts and all the “stuff of daily life”, let us know.

By the way, we did our first sabbatical to the Bahamas from Toronto on an older 36-foot boat so this is a mega yacht by comparison.


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